Photo Credit:  Atlas Cooper Photography

Group Classes

Mondays: Vinyasa 2, 12pm-1pm @ The Little Yoga Studio

My group classes are about the art of making useful choices with our physical bodies. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this process. A useful choice for one person’s body may very well be unhelpful for another’s. With my extensive background in experiential anatomy, I guide individuals in navigating the sensations that arise in the asanas so that they can experiment with making choices following their body’s signals. Creativity, playfulness, ritual, and inclusivity are all part of the meditative space that I seek to provide.



One-on-one yoga and movement instruction provides personalized attention to help you investigate the landscape of your body and mind. Have you been looking for guidance as you work through an injury? Private sessions could be a useful step. Sessions available at your home or a studio space in Boulder, CO.

Contact Kathleen to inquire about pricing and availability:


Photo Credit:  Atlas Cooper Photography